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4th Channukah candle lighting and concert of Krakow Revolutionary Choir From Maccabbi to Marks

19:00 h
05 Dec

Krakow Revolutionary Choir sings in Yiddish the songs of rebellion, the fight for justice, equal rights and freedom for the Jewish people. With our singing we recall the memory of fighters for freedom and emancipation - both the Maccabees who fought against Antioch IV and socialists from Bund who resisted the oppressive power of the Tsar.

We present songs of legendary, progressive poets such as David Edelstadt or Mordechai Gebirtig as well as songs of the working class. We recall words and melodies which continued throughout the generations to inspire the masses to continue fighting for equality, freedom and comradery.

Although our repertoire is as sad as it is unfortunate for the fate of the oppressed, we are filled with the joyful spirit of deep faith for a better future for all people.

Admission is free, but we encourage donations to support our choir.