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"Kol Ishe - the voice of women in Yiddish poetry" by Joanna Lisek. Book promotion and Q&A with the author.

18:00 h
22 Jan

Kol Isze - plakat - net

Led by prof. Magdalena Ruta

About the book:

“In the "Kol Ishe - the voice of women in Yiddish poetry" (from the 16th century to 1939), the author describes the phenomenon of feminine subjectivity in Yiddish poetry and the development of various strategies for its expression. She refers to the earliest texts (from the 16th century), when poets acted as preachers, authors of prayers and religious songs or typesetters who recorded their works in the margins of the books they printed. She also takes material from folk art, which is often an expression of criticism of the established gender order, as well as from texts that testify to the 20th century moral revolution, radicalization of attitudes and transformations of the model of Jewish femininity. Her exploration of literary history is entwined with the interpretation of selected poems by well-known poets, including Kadia Mołodowska, Debora Vogel, Celia Dropkin and Anna Margolin, along with those who are lesser known, omitted or forgotten, for example Broni Baum, Sory Rejzen, Chasi Kuperman."(Source: http : //

In Polish. Free admission.

At the meeting, you will have the opportunity to purchase the book at a discount.