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Is black still black? “Pangs of Conscience,” a collection of essays by Fr. Stanisław Musiał. Discussion and book promotion

18:30 h
16 Jan

In celebration of the Day of Judaism, an annual day of Christian-Jewish reflection held by the Catholic Church in Poland, we are happy to invite you to the promotion of “Pangs of Conscience. On Christian-Jewish and Polish-Jewish relations,” a collection of essays by Fr. Stanisław Musiał, recently published by the WAM Publishing House. How accurate are his observations of twenty years ago today? Has there been any progress since then, or have we taken a step back? What is the state of Christian-Jewish relations in today's Poland, after the recent controversy over the “Holocaust Bill”? What call to action would Fr. Stanisław Musiał have for us today?

We will try to answer these questions as part of a discussion in which Janusz Poniewierski, the editor of the book and former president of the “Covenant,” the club for Christians and Jews, prof. Aleksander Skotnicki, creator and president of the Stradom Dialog Center of Dialogue and laureate of the. Fr. Stanisława Musiał Award, Henryk Woźniakowski, president of the board of the Public House Znak, and father Jacek Siepsiak, a Jesuit, director of WAM publishing. The meeting will be led by Jakub Drath, a secretary of the “Covenant”. This event is organized by the “Covenant,” the club for Christians and Jews, in cooperation with JCC Krakow and the WAM Publishing House.

At the meeting, you will have the opportunity to purchase the book.

In Polish, free admission.