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Operation Entebbe: Rami Sherman lecture

19:30 h
07 Feb

sherman - net

On 4th July 1976, Israeli Commandos took part in a rescue, now known as Operation Yonatan or Operation Entebbe. This was the most astonishing military missions ever seen and one of the proudest events in Israel's history. Rami Sherman was one of the heroes of this operation.

This Lecture gives us a unique, and likely never-to-be-repeated opportunity to hear the amazing story of this rescue, first hand.

Rami Sherman grew up on kibbutz Lehavot Habashan in the north of Israel and was educated by the kibbutz movement educational system. During his army service, he served in the IDF's Navy Seal unit from which he was honorably discharged with the rank of Major. In 1976, during the "Entebbe Operation", Rami served as Yoni Netanyahu’s Operations Officer, who led the backup force

In English and Polish. Free admission.