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Promotion of Ester Kreitman's book "Dance of the Demons"

18:00 h
19 Sep

kreitman - plakat - netMeeting with the translator Andrzej Pawelec and publisher Natalia Moskal.

Ester Singer Kreitman is the older sister of Nobel Prize winner Isaak Bashevis Singer and the writer and playwright Izrael Jehoshua Singer. Her novel "Dance of the Demons" is considered a fictionalized autobiography.

It tells the story of a Jewish girl and her great dreams to learn and become a writer. However, these dreams are ruined by the arranged marriage and moving out from Poland to Antwerp. The protagonist talks about her childhood, and then also about the life of a maturing woman under the yoke of cultural conventions.

Kreitman completes the images of the community painted by the Singer brothers by adding a feminine perspective. It is also the story of a talented woman living in the shadow of her famous brothers.

Dwojre, the heroine of "Dance of the Demons," tries to survive in a world where there is no place for a female writer, and the only way to achieve liberation is to fall into madness.
The original novel, i.e. the Yiddish version, was first published in Warsaw in 1936 by the Brzoza publishing house. Kreitman's son, Maurice Carr, translated it later into English (titled "Deborah," London 1946, resumed in 1983). Ester herself supervised the English translation.

"Dance of the Demons" is the writer's second work that has been translated into Polish. Kreitman also wrote the collection of short stories titled "Rodowód" ("Yichus"/"Lineage") published in 2016. The publication of the author's next book - "Briljantn" is planned for 2020.
The substantive consultation of "Dance of Demons" was made by professor Magdalena Ruta.

Published by Fame Art
Led by: Dr. Marek Tuszewicki

In Polish, free admission.