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PostLimud 18-21.02.2013

17:30 h
18 Feb

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PostLimud 18-21.02.2013

Limud - is an intense cycle of workshops, seminars and lectures, in which those who lead these events as well as those who participate in them are members of the Jewish community. For already 5 years Limud Keshet Polska, sponsored by JDC Poland, takes place each fall in Warsaw. The seminar has been attended by thousands of people from all around Poland.
Post Limud Krakow - a cycle of lectures led by Krakow's representatives of the Limud Keshet Poland 2012. The lectures are open to all those who want to expand their knowledge in the broadly understood Jewish culture.

Monday, February 18th

17:30 Jonathan Ornstein - Ten Commandments of Limud Keshet Polska
A lecture in English with translation into Polish
Is the Decalogue still up-to-date? And if not, what can we do about it? Afresh take on the Ten Commandments.

19:00 Jonathan Webber - Why does Poland matter to the Jews, and why should it matter to them
A lecture in English with translation into Polish
Understanding Jewish history is impossible without thinking about Poland. How do Jews in different parts of the world remember their Polish heritage? How do Poles commemorate the Jewish cultural legacy? What are the Polish and the Jewish attitudes towards the Holocaust? Can Poles and Jews communicate? These and other difficult questions will be answered by Jonathan Webber.

Tuesday, February 19th

17:30 Anna Lebet-Minakowska - Judaism - To Know Means to Understand
A story about the daily life and holidays of the Jewish community in Poland between the 17th and the 19th century isnpired by a pre-war collection of judaica from the National Museum in Krakow.

19:00 Roman Włodek - Where does the "Way of the Young" lead? On the film "Mir kumen on" directed by Aleksander Ford in 1936
"The Way of the Young" (Mir kumen on) is a semi-documentary on a sanitorium in Miedzeszyn, in which Jewish children "after experiencing nature in the country, among good people, change into real human beings, [...] and learn the joy of life, hygiene and sport" - as explained in the words of Antoni Słonimski. The film is imbued with the values of Janusz Korczak. However, it was considered dangerous and was held by the censorship, therefore making it impossible for the film to be distributed.
The lecture will be illustrated with the excerpts of "The Way of the Young".

Wednesday, February 20th

17:30 Katarzyna Zimmerer - "The Breath of the Children Rushing to the School Elevates the World" - the Jewish schools in Interwar Krakow
Jewish schools of the Interwar Krakow - from the first Polish school for religious Jewish girls until the progressive, co-educational Hebrew gymnasium.

19:00 Gabi and Uwe von Seltmann - Tikkun Olam - How Can We Improve the World, Knowing the Past
A meeting with the authors of the bestselling book "Gabi and Uwe. My Grandfather Died in Auschwitz. And Mine Was an SS-man" on the soothing process of facing the past of one's descendants, which brings comfort, reconciliation and mutual understanding.

Thursday, February 21st

17:30 Joanna Fabijańczuk - Sara Shenirer - The Jewish Feminist? An Attempt of Reading the Personal Diary
Even though her works is being commented by many, her personal life is not known. Through the analysis of the diary by a Jewish education leader, we can witness more than a standard biography.

19:00 Rabbi Boaz Pash - Colors in Kabbalah
The Kabbalah tries to explain everything that surrounds us, also the meaning of the colors. Where did the color come from? How can it affectone's mood? What are the colors of ideas? Can we communicate with colors instead of words? A colorful lecture by Boaz Pash.

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