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Meeting with Rina Frank, an Israeli writer

18:00 h
22 Sep


On Tuesday, September 22nd 2009 at 18:00 we invite you to a meeting with an Israeli writer, Rina Frank, the author of a bestsellling novel "Every House Needs a Balcony".

Rina Frank was born in 1951 in Haifa. She worked as an engineer, a marketing specialist and as a TV producer. She is the most popular Israeli writer of her generation. "Every House Needs a Balcony" is her literary debut and it became an international bestseller. In Israel, which numbers only 7 million citizens, the book was sold in 100,000 copies.

"During long summer evenings everyone used to sit at the balcony. My dad brought a lamp and a small table. To kill the time we used to play rummy, which didn't really interfere with arguing with the neighbors who lived opposite to our apartment (...) Sitting at the balcony was a little bit like sitting in front of a TV set. The balcony was our private TV channel with a live program and real actors. You could say that at our place, at Stanton Street, reality show was born".

In a poor district of Haifa, surrounded by a loving family, grows up a young girl with smiling eyes which hide sadness. The girl becomes a young, beautiful woman. She is so beautiful that she marries a rich and handsome architect from Barcelona. This Cinderella story ends up too fast.

"Each House Needs a Balcony" is a warm family story in which humor is mixed with sadness and hapiness is intertwined with tears. It is a touching story about the amazing years of childhood, about love, growing up and making choices which have impact on our future, about who we become.

"The most amazing feature of "Each House Needs a Balcony" is an attempt of buidling a bridge between past and future with a language that combines humor with deep sadness. The book (...) is a proof that readers need well-written literature that deals with existential problems; that leaves the reader with more questions than answers. What does the word "family" mean? What is a good marriage? What is the impact of our childhood on our adult life and to what degree can we decide on our own fate?" Dorit Lemberger-Hatzofeh