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JCC Krakow events during the 23rd Jewish Culture Festival

11:00 h
06 Jul


JCC Krakow events during the 23rd Jewish Culture Festival



10:00 Walking tour: Jewish Youth Movements in Pre-war and Wartime Krakow. Guided by members of various youth movements from Israel. Meeting point: JCC Krakow, Miodowa 24 Street (in English).

12:00 Clila and Hadasa Bau, Joseph and Rebecca Bau. A Miracle of Love and Survival. (in Polish)

14:00 The Second Annual Latkes vs. Hamantashen Debate. Participants: Ellen Germain and Helise Lieberman. Led by Benjamin Lorch. For millennia the Jewish people have struggled with eternal, weighty questions. Perhaps the most important and vexing: "What is the more perfect Jewish food, the potato Latke pancake or the triangular Hamantash pastry?" Since its inception at the University of Chicago, the Latke-Hamantash Debate has brought together learned scholars, esteemed thinkers, even Nobel laureates to clash in an absurdist battle of ideas, Talmudic philosophy, modern interpretations and comedy. Today the debate continues to thrive wherever our people dwell. This year at the JCC Krakow, we take up its critical questions again. Bring your sense of humor and appetite! Made possible by CIEE Berlin and JCC Krakow (in English)

15:30 William Meyers, Jews in 20th Century American Photography (in English)
The lecture discusses the remarkable contribution of Jews to twentieth-century American photography.
William Meyers writes on photography for the Wall Street Journal. His own photography is in the collections of the New York Public Library and other museums. It can be seen at

16:00 Rabbi Boaz Pash, Tensions Between Krakowian Rabbis and the Jewish Community Over the Years (in Polish)

16:00 Cemetary or Life? Poland in the Eyes of Young Israelis. Panel discussion organized by Znak Monthly.
For many years young Israelis have been traveling to Poland to confront the trauma of the Holocaust. What are their experiences like? What emotions do they cope with? How do they see contemporary Poles and Poland? Is a different Poland possible for them than the place where the remains of their murdered ancestors lie? Do they have a chance to meet young Poles? What are such meetings like? What is the attitude of Poles to the young Israeli visitors?

Edyta Gawron – Jagiellonian University
Jonathan Ornstein – Executive Director, JCC Krakow
Zuzanna Radzik – Member of the Board, Forum for Dialogue Among Nations

17:00 Nahma Sandrow, Mothers in Yiddish Drama - and Comedy. (in English)
Weeping and sentimental, or comical, or tough? Onstage and off, mothers in Yiddish theater are not always what you expect.
Nahma Sandrow is the author of Vagabond Stars: A World History of Yiddish Theater, "God, Man, and Devil": Yiddish Plays in Translation, and other books and articles about Yiddish and other theaters. She wrote two award-winning off-Broadway musicals and an opera libretto, all based on Yiddish material, and several of her translations of Yiddish plays have been performed. Her website is

22:00 JCC OpenAir: Garden cafe in the unique space between the Tempel Synagogue and the JCC