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Language courses at the JCC

17:30 h
01 Oct

jezyki smallWith the new academic year right around the corner, the JCC Krakow would like to invite you to check out the following language courses:

Led by Dr. Ewa Węgrzyn

Basic level - organizational meeting held on October 1st (Tuesday) at 5:30pm.
Intermediate and Advanced levels - organizational meeting held on October 2nd (Wednesday) at 5:30pm.
NEW! Hebrew for children and teenagers (aged 8-15) - first class on October 3rd (Thursday) at 4pm.

Level: Beginners
For those who are just beginning their adventure with Hebrew.The classes will start with learning the alphabet and reading. During the course the participant learns basic level Hebrew, how to use the present tense, and after a year of learning, can correctly form sentences in Hebrew on basic subjects.

This course is also open to those who already know the Hebrew alphabet.

Level: Basic
For those who know the basics of Hebrew, can read and write as well as use present tense in their speech. During the course the participant deepens their knowledge of Hebrew, learns new words, and learns the past tense.

Level: Intermediate 1
For those who speak intermediate Hebrew, can read and write, are able to use present and past tenses. During the course the participant deepens their knowledge of Hebrew, learns new words, and learns the future tense.

Level: Intermediate 2
For those who are fluent in Hebrew in writing and in speech, and can use present, past, and future tenses. During the course we will be focus on writing and speech. Hebrew grammar will also be an important part of the course, but the main focus will be on broadening vocabulary and knowledge of Hebrew syntax. Participants will also prepare presentations on chosen topics, write essays and engage in discussions.

NEW! Hebrew for children and youth (aged 8-15):
We invite all kids ages 8-15 to learn Hebrew! Participants will learn the language through songs and games!

Led by: M.A. Marek Tuszewicki

Basic level - first class on October 9th (Wednesday) at 5:30pm
Advanced level - first class on October 9th (Wednesday) at 7pm

Level: Beginners
The group will learn the basics of Yiddish: the Jewish alphabet, conjugation of verbs, counting, diminutives and words which are part of the first texts and songs that we use during our class. After a year of study, students will be able to use the language on an elementary level.

Level: Advanced
Participants broaden their vocabulary through reading more complicated texts, learn compound and circumlocutory verbs, learn the passive voice, and complex sentences. After the course the students will be ready to begin their adventure with Yiddish literature!

Led by: Dr. Ida Balwierz

First class on October 8th (Tuesday) at 6pm

Level: Beginners
During the yearlong course of Arabic at the JCC, participants will learn Arabic through unique teaching techniques and multimedia. Specifically, participants will learn the Arabic alphabet, the nuances of orthography and pronunciation, grammar, practical vocabulary, and phrases used in everyday communication.

Led by: M.A. Martyna Adamska

First class on October 7th (Monday) at 5:30pm

Level: Beginners
To learn a language successfully you need a little more than just a weak list of words and grammar tables (although such support is always useful). The theory needs to be combined with practice in different forms – audio and video exercises, theater games, and many more. We will talk a lot, allow ourselves to make mistakes, so we can get used to the sounds, which are new to our ears. We will also read the Japanese elementary textbook for foreigners and we will pretend we are those foreigners in Japan by acting real situations in which we could find ourselves in the future. We will work individually and in groups. We will also remind ourselves some basics from the theory of linguistics. We will also stand on the trail of analogy and difference between the language/languages that we already know – in order to make our learning more effective and our knowledge more structured. Traditionally, we will do some homework and tests, which are supposed to strengthen our motivation. But all of this is coming after we learn the two alphabets – hiragana and katakana – since the third one, the kanji, will be learnedgradually so everyone has a chance to work out their own way of dealing with the new system of writing.


Costs: 250 PLN per semester. JCC Krakow members pay 100 PLN per semester.
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Join us and learn something new!