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We're planting daffodils!

12:00 h
30 Oct

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Tomorrow, October 30th at noon we will be planting daffodils in the garden at the JCC. 360 daffodils were donated by Am Yisrael Chai, a non-profit Holocaust education and awareness organization. The mission of the Daffodil Project is to empower Holocaust education by planting 1.5 million daffodils around the world to remember the children lost during the Holocaust. In Poland, daffodils have taken on an added meaning in symbolizing the brave men and women who fought in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The daffodils in our garden will additionally symbolize the survivors, their children, and grandchildren.

Please join us at the JCC Krakow garden between 12-2pm to plant a few daffodil bulbs! They aren't yet in the ground, but we already can't wait for them to bloom this spring!