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A meeting with Monika Rakusa

18:00 h
13 Nov

rakusa - net

As part of the "Shorashim" program we would like to invite you to a meeting with Monika Rakusa.
The meeting will be led by Katarzyna Zimmerer.

Monika Rakusa - born 1966 in Wroclaw. She studied Polish Language and Literature at the University in Warsaw and Social Psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. She is a psychologist and psychoterapist. Ms. Rakusa lives in Warsaw and is a mom of two. She is a member of the Association "Second Generation". She debuted in 2008 with a novel titled "39'9". In 2010 she published her first children's book titled "Baśnie dla Antosia" ("Fairy Tales for Antos") and a novel, "Żona Adama" ("Adam's Wife"). This September she published her newest book, "Cień" ("The Shadow").

"Shorashim" - [Hebr. roots] is a series which includes meetings, lectures, and panel discussions devoted to different shades of Jewish identity. As part of the series we will also present the most interesting publications on Jewish culture in its broad meaning.