PostLimud Krakow 2014: "Donald Duck vs. the Third Reich", a lecture by Olga Danek

18:00 h
12 Feb

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Limud is an intensive series of workshops, seminars and lectures for the Jewish community which are led by its participants. For the last 7 years Limud Keshet Poland takes place each fall in Warsaw. The seminar is attended by several hundred people from all over Poland.

PostLimud Krakow is a series of lectures by Krakow representatives of Limud Keshet Poland 2014. The lectures are open to everyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge on Jewish culture in its broad meaning. The series will take place from February until May.

Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 6pm
Olga Danek - "Donald Duck vs. the Third Reich"

The lecture will focus on the propaganda war which took place mainly in the US during WWII. Using movies by Disney, Warner Bros. or MGM, Olga will discuss how was the war waged - not in the battlefields of Europe but in the US production companies. Also, we will discuss how many popular animated heroes were "drafted" and how they supported the morale of American soldiers and civilians.

Olga Danek - anthropologist of culture, PhD student of the Jagiellonian University whose thesis focuses on the image of the Holocaust and Nazism in popular culture. She is also an educator for the Mifgash Foundation.


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