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Book Reading and Q&A: "We, the Jews of Poland" by Irena Wiszniewska

18:00 h
23 Feb

wiszniewska - netLed by: Katarzyna Zimmerer

Poland is perceived as a country with no Jews. Thirty years ago this claim was true, but today it is not. What happened in between? The book "We, the Jews of Poland" is an attempt to answer this question.

For Jews, it is an affirmation of their presence. We are here, on this land, in this space, with all of its disadvantages. The reader can look at these interviews as if they looked into a mirror - this is who we are. This is what we fear, what we dream of, how we perceive our own belonging. Recently the term of "coming out", a term that is usually associated with LGBT environment, has been also used when speaking of Jews. We could say that "We, the Jews of Poland" is a general coming out - general because it speaks about the whole community.

(From the description of the book)