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Katarzyna Zimmerer, "They Did Not Go Like Sheep for Slaughter"

19:00 h
11 Mar


When repressed by the German occupiers, isolated behind the walls of the ghetto, displaced and sent to concentration camps - how much strength did you need to not give yourself over to despair?

How much discipline did you need not only to survive another day but also to organize charity events, collect money, clothes and food for those who were the poorest and most in need? How strong was the faith of those who still fulfilled God's commandments instead of cursing the Almithgty for their fate? How much you had to love life to - in this unhuman reality - still keep your dignity?

I cannot find answers to these questions. However, I can speak of the heroic life of Krakow's Jews in the "time of disdain".

Katarzyna Zimmerer - publicist and interpreter from Germa. She has worked with the Krakow radio, the Krakow local tv, "Tygodnik Powszechny", "Zwierciadło" monthly magazine. She is the author of the book "Murdered World. The Fate of Krakow's Jews 1939-45" and a co-author of "To Survive, and, What's Next?". She participated in the meritorical preparations of the temporary exhibition "The World Before the Catastrophe. Krakow's Jews in the Interwar Period" as well as the permanent exhibition "Krakow - Time of the Occupation 1939-45" in the former Oscar Schindler's factory.