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Book release for Sławomir Pastuszka's, "It is nothing Different but a House of God...: On the History of the Synagogues in Pszczyna"

17:30 h
19 Oct

ksiazka slawka plakat - net

The book describes the history of a synagogue in Pszczyna that was in operation from 1835 until 1939. It is one of the few synagogues and places of prayer that was not destroyed during the war. The book also includes information on the owners of several prayer-houses and the importance of their contribution to the community, the history of the local Jewish congregation and important figures who had an impact on the Jewish community. In the appendix, the reader can find biographies of local cantors and a description of the services that were held at the synagogues.

The book was published by the Pszczyna Cultural Center in cooperation with the Municipality of Pszczyna.