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Meeting with Marek Tuszewicki, the author of the book,

18:00 h
02 Feb

Tuszewicki - plakat - net

The JCC will host a book discussion with Marek Tuszewicki, the author of the book, "Żaba pod językiem. Medycyna ludowa Żydów aszkenazyjskich przełomu XIX i XX w" ("Frog under the Tongue. The Folk Medicine of Ashkenazi Jews from the Turn of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century).

The book explores the practice and myths of folk medicine through the 19th and 20th centuries. Folk medicine was used villages, urban cities, and Jewish communities. How did this practice of medicine affect the ideas of health and illness? Who were the sources of knowledge that created the medicine? What was the attitude of traditional communities towards contemporary doctors and pharmacists? Did Jews and Poles cooperate in the field of medicine and healing? These questions are answered by the book "Żaba pod językiem..." which presents a rich world of beliefs and ideas in which many of those practices are still used today.

Dr. Marek Tuszewicki - a historian and Yiddish scholar who works at the Jewish Studies Institute at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. He cooperates with JCC Krakow and numerous other Jewish institutions in Poland and abroad.