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Book promotion: "Divorcing" by Susan Taubes and a meeting with the editor of the Polish edition, Grzegorz Jankowicz

18:00 h
07 Apr

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The novel "Divorcing" by Susan Taubes was published in 1969 by the Random House publishing press. It was the only literary book published by Susan Taubes who was a distinguished American intellectual, philosopher, and historian of religions. The book gained favorable reviews among critics and readers, however, Taubes's premature death (she committed suicide shortly after the book was published) was the main reason for which the novel and her other writings were largely forgotten for many years. Her work is an amazing documentary of the relationship between two prominent intellectuals - herself and her husband, Jacob Taubes, who's philosophical and political works have become more recognized in Poland. "Divorcing" is a story of two Jewish intellectuals from the Western world who, after the war, created new sociological and political concepts. The story is told in the shadow of the Holocaust.

Susan Taubes (nee Feldmann, 1928-1969) is an American philosopher, religious studies scholar, expert on Simone Weil, writer. She is a descendant from a Jewish-Hungarian family of famous Talmudist and was the granddaughter of the Chief Rabbi of Budapest. Her father was a psychotherapist in Hungary and after leaving Europe in 1939 practiced in the US. Susan gave lectures about history and philosophy of religion at Columbia University. In the 1950's, she was a student of Jacob Taubes who was a philosopher that lectured at Harvard and later married him. The Taubes divorced in the 1960's and the story of their relationship was told in Susan Taubes's novel "Divorcing" which was published in the fall of 1969. A few days later, in the beginning of November, she committed suicide. Her work had a strong influence on Susan Sontag who devoted her short story "Debriefing" (from the volume "I, etcetera") to Taubes.