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"Stranger Is in Us…" Lecture by Prof. Jan Hartman

18:00 h
08 Jun

In Poland today, a crisis of conscience is emerging. To the amazement of the rest of Europe, we do not pretend to be disgusted by egoism and xenophobia. The reality is that Poland refuses to accept refugees. Is this blatant xenophobia better or worse than hypocrisy? The attitude of Poles and Polish government towards the immigration crisis leads to reflection on the questions of foreignness and asylum. Where does this anxiety about refugees come from? Is the fear of "invaders" stronger than the value of hospitality? The lecture will focus on the conditions which should be met by the individual and the community in order to overcome fear and hostility toward the "other". Perhaps this fear of strangers, or xenophobia, originates from the alienation of man from himself and his community? Can Poles reconcile their beliefs and live in accord with Christian mercy, or, more simply put, basic human kindness?

In Polish. Free entry.