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Choir Performance Benefiting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

18:00 h
14 Jan



The JCC Krakow Choir was founded in 2012. Their repertoire includes nigunim, traditional religious songs in Hebrew and Yiddish, as well as contemporary music. The choir often performs in celebration of Jewish holidays at the JCC and other cultural events. Since 2012 the choir has performed at the Festival of Jewish Culture in Krakow, in the famous " Piwnica pod Baranami ", the Galicia Jewish Museum, the International Days of Roma Culture, the Festival of Asian Studies and sang during performances of the musical play Yossele, Yossele in the High Synagogue and Museum Manggha.


The choir is led by Dubrowskij Valentin, who is a graduate of the Ukrainian National Music Academy in Kiev. During the concert, the choir will perform popular songs and traditional Hebrew and Yiddish music.


All proceeds of this event will be donated to WOŚP. The minimum donation is 10 zł.  Tickets to be purchased at the door.