Film screening: “Bogdan's Journey“ with introduction by Dr. Edyta Gawron

18:00 h
02 Mar

Bogdans Journey plakat - net

In “Bogdan's Journey” (original title “Przy Planty 7/9”) we join the lead character, Bogdan Białkowi, a Polish Catholic from Kielce, on his extraordinary quest for truth as he debunks conspiracy theories, challenges long-standing mutual Polish-Jewish stereotypes, and fights against the disavowal of the pogrom and against attempts to wipe it out from the collective memory of Kielce residents. His persistence and hard work initiate rapprochement between Polish and Jewish people of Kielce, though this comes at a price.

It’s taken the film’s directors, a Polish Catholic and an American Jew, nearly ten years to make “Bogdan’s Journey” and to develop a shared perspective on the history of the Kielce pogrom. In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the tragedy we bring you a story of how even the hardest truth, if delivered with love, can transform relationships between people.

In Polish. Free admission.

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