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Hajnt: Is that how it happened? How much historical truth is in the Torah?

18:00 h
06 Apr


Pesach (or Passover), a holiday that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites’ from slavery in Egypt, is just around the corner. But did it really happen? Was there really a parting of the Red Sea? Is that even possible? Did G-d actually give Moses the Ten Commandments during their wandering in the desert? Are any of the events described in the Torah confirmed by other sources? Is the Torah recognized by historians as a reliable source of information? The next debate in the "Hajnt" series will help give you the answers to these questions.

The discussion will be led by Rabbi Avi Baumol, the Rabbinic Representative of the Chief Rabbi of Poland in Krakow, and dr. Marcin Majewski, a specialist on the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament and a lecturer at the UPJPII and the Jagiellonian University.

In Polish. Free admission.