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Opening of the exhibition “Keep away from children,” meeting with the artist Michal Nachmany

20:00 h
10 May

Michal Nachmany

Art can be a bridge between the past and the present. In this new exhibition, curated for the JCC Krakow, Nachmany reflects on stories told, and on stories ‘kept away,’ by her father (born in Międzyrzec) and by his generation.

For Nachmany, “every object and every person has a journey.” As such, in each of her shows, she brings stories and journeys of objects to life, opening a window for the community to share their own stories with one another.

Through the layering of images of daily life, using mixed media, printmaking, and collage, Nachmany explores themes of personal and cultural narrative, nostalgia, and repetition. Her work juxtaposes Jewish, Israeli, and American memorabilia including original letters and postcards, legal contracts, financial certificates, banknotes, postal stamps, photos, and other found objects, along with items from everyday life in Israel, New York, and elsewhere.

About the Artist
Michal Nachmany is a New York based self-taught artist who grew up in Jerusalem but has roots in Poland. Her father was born in Poland in 1923 and emigrated to Jerusalem at the age of nine.

“The mixture of colors, sounds, and smells from the streets and the souks of Jerusalem shaped my awareness of the past as a foundation of the present. Today, I create pieces with many layers, textures, and techniques, such as collaging, printmaking, acrylic painting, and drawing."

In English. Free admission.