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Theater performance: Ten Matchboxes. Based on the short story by Janusz Korczak

18:00 h
17 Sep

Korczak - net

Adaptation: Amichai Pardo and Ruth Kanner
Artistic assistance: Ruth Kanner
Actor: Amichai Pardo

Amichai Pardo is playing Janusz Korczak as he is telling one of Korczak’s short stories, Ten Matchboxes.The audience gets to know ten characters, Korczak’s pupils, each of whom gets an empty matchbox as a present from Korczak. Each pupil does something different with his matchbox – something that reflects his unique personality. The play is like a mirror, in which members of the audience observe themselves and their friends at present, while getting to know the life of Korczak's pupils in Poland in the past.

In English. Free admission.