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Great Polish Jews: David Kurzmann. A series of lectures by Rabbi Avi Baumol

18:00 h
05 Dec

rabin - plakat-kurzmann - netFor over 500 years Poland was the centre of Jewish life in the world. Beginning with the renaissance of the intellectual religious life in the 16th century in Krakow and continuing until just before World War II, Poland has produced a major force of influencers on the Jewish world: men, women, religious, secular, and everything in between. In this lecture series, we will explore the personalities and philosophies of some of the great Polish Jewish leaders who have led movements, institutions, and even countries.

David Kurzmann was a Krakow merchant and a renowned philanthropist. In 1918, he was put in charge as the financial manager at the Jewish orphanage on 64 Dietla St. In the next 20 years he turned the orphanage into one of the most prosperous institutions of its kind in the entire country. In the first years of World War II, the Nazis seized the orphanage. David and his wife were sent to the Bełżec extermination camp together with the orphanage’s children whom they refused to abandon. Hence, David Kurzman became known as the Janusz Korczak of Krakow.

In Polish. Free admission