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Konferencja "Judaism in Contemporary Thought"

g. 9:15
06 Paź


Zapraszamy na konferencję "Judaism in Contemporary Thought".
Konferencja odbywać się będzie w języku angielskim.

Monday 4th October 2010

9.15 Opening address

9.30–11.30 Panel: What is Jewish Philosophy?

Karl Erich Grözinger “Are There Criteria for Defining Jewishness in Jewish Thinking?”
Oliver Leaman “Tidy Greeks and Messy Jews: Philosophy and Style in Modern Jewish Thought”
Moshe Idel “Gershom Scholem and His Impact on 20th Century Philosophy”

11.30–12.00 Coffee Break

12.00–14.00 Panel: Judaism in Dialogue

Yvonne Sherwood “Spectres of Abraham”
Karen Kilby “Christian Theology, Anti-Liberalism, and Modern Jewish Thought”
Urszula Idziak “The Impossible Conditions of Possibility. Deconstruction between Judaism and Christianity”

14.00–16.00 Lunch

16.00–18.00 Panel: Judaism and Modernity

Norbert Waszek “Lessing, the ‘secret Jew’: on the Jewishness of the German Enlightenment”
Eric Jacobson “Kabbalah and Modernity: On the Normative and Antinomian in European Thought”
Stanislaw Krajewski “Philosophy of Interreligious Dialogue and Judaism”

Tuesday 5th October 2010 

9.30–11.30 Panel: Judaism and Political Theology

Arthur Bradley “City of Cacos: The Savage and in Augustine’s City of God XIX”
Mick Dillon “Cocking the Question: Disarming Answers”
Petar Bojanic´ “Pazifistischer Zug: Franz Rosenzweig’s ‘Messianic Politics’ and Ethics of War”

11.30–12.00 Coffee break

Panel: Messianism and Politics William Large “The Impossible Community and Infinite Judgements”
Pawel Mos´cicki “Profane Redemptions. Messianism at Play in Agamben” 
Yoav Kenny “Not Mutually Exclusive: Derrida and Agamben Read Kafka’s Before the Law”

14.00–16.00 Lunch

16.00–18.00 Panel: Messianism beyond Politics

Adam Lipszyc “Justice at the Tip of the Tongue: Antinomies and Possibilities of the Messianic Justice in Walter Benjamin’s Work”
Agata Bielik-Robson “Between Therapy and Redemption: Towards a Messianic Psychoanalysis”
Andrzej Leder “Freud, Jakobson, Lacan – a Contribution to the Question of Iconoclasm” 

Wednesday 6th October 2010

9.00–11.30 Panel: Legacy of Abraham

Willi Goetschel “Another Abraham, Another Sarah: Figures of Singularity and Alterity in Heine and Derrida”
Raphael Zagury-Orly, Joseph Cohen “Abraham, Abraham. The Figure of Abraham in History of Philosophy: Hegel, Kierkegaard, Derrida”

10.30–11.00 Coffee break

Panel: Emmanuel Levinas and Judaism Michael Fagenblat “Heidegger, Judaism, Levinas”
Marc Crepon “Vanquishing Death (On Levinas)” Danielle Cohen-Levinas “Levinas and the Question of Justice”

13.00–15.00 Lunch

15.00–16.30 Panel: Judaism and Historical Revision I

Myriam Bienenstock “Zakhor: Ricoeur on Yerushalmi”
Piotr Paziński “Transcendence in the Horizon of durée. Can Bergson Be Seen as a Jewish Philosopher?”

16.30–17.00 Coffee break

17.00–18.30 Panel: Judaism and Historical Revision II

Michal Mrugalski “The Theatre of Law: Hermann Cohen’s Theory of Greek Tragedy”
C. Cain Elliott “Let There Be Fight: Judaism at War in the Mind of Philip Rieff”

18.30–18.45 Closing address